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NEW! How to save money on the best cosmetic surgery and dentistry

Happy New Year! And happy new YOU to all who are  planning any "improvements" in 2014! If  you are among those who contacted me in the past about saving money on the best  cosmetic surgery and dentistry, this is for you. (Also for anyone interested in recession-busting savings without compromising on the excellence of your results.) CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS.

Oct 2013: At the Scandinavian Anti-Ageing Fair in Copenhagen (with Danish
Christiane Schaumburg-Müller) where I was the keynote speaker. I travelled extensively in 2013 and met with top surgeons all over the world.
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Friday, 18 October 2013

Update and new after photo

Hello and sorry it's been so long since I posted. My amazing one-of-a-kind career has kept me incredibly busy. A lot of time is dedicated to helping my lovely clients achieve safe, beautifully natural results and plot their longterm anti-ageing programs. Many take advantage of my extended services that include accompanying them to see surgeons, performing in-depth facial analysis between procedures and ongoing pre / post-operative support. 

I continue to meet with the world's top doctors and sometimes even observe them in the operating theatre as they change looks, lives and destinies for the better. There's something new to be learned every day in this ever-evolving medical specialty.
Cindy Jackson observing maxillofacial surgery by top surgeon
Observing maxilloial surgery in Switzerland   
My work has taken me literally all the way around the world. Among my recent trips abroad, I was invited to Lithuania to speak about cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing on their most popular national TV show, KK Penktadiensis.
Plastic surgery expert Cindy Jackson on Lithuanian TV
Screen capture of my TV interview in Lithuania 
It's also been awhile since I updated my "after" photo, and here it is. I've managed to knock more years off my previous "after" photo with the help of a few minor procedures, a mainly raw organic vegan diet. and continuing to use Instant Results Microdermabrasion three times a week for a super-smooth, polished complexion. I recently saw a client who first consulted with me 19 years ago and she said I look better and much younger than I did back then. That made my day, week AND month! 

But it's not all work. The pic below is from David Soul's 70th birthday party in August at the Boogaloo in north London with Paul Michael Glaser. David lives in London and, like me, is now a British citizen. Paul Michael Glaser is on a UK tour of Fiddler on the Roof playing the lead role of Tevye. They are really great guys and have stayed good friends since the days when they were better known as Starsky and Hutch.

Cindy Jackson with "Starsky and Hutch" at David Soul's 70th birthday
It's Starsky and Hutch!
LATEST NEWS: My global advisory service has recently expanded to include FaceTime consultations for Mac users, joining the existing options of telephone, email, Skype and of course the original ever-popular consultation with me in person. Click HERE for details.

I wish everyone a beautiful day! 
Love, Cindy 

Friday, 15 February 2013

My first 25 Years of Cosmetic Surgery Part 8

I apologise for not blogging recently. In addition to meeting with surgeons, speaking about cosmetic surgery, doing interviews and giving my clients the best service on the planet, a good deal of my time during the past year has been devoted to victims of the ongoing PIP breast implant disaster. Far too many women's lives were devastated after placing trust and considerable amounts of money in the wrong hands. Again, I NEVER recommended (or have been treated by) any of the surgeons who used the now banned, cut-price PIP implants. The savings however were not passed onto the victims, many whom are still struggling to pay for their removal. Every single woman who contacted me paid the going rate, and often way above, for these cheap and dangerous implants. It was a totally unnecessary and avoidable situation. 

Now that the worst of the PIP fallout has passed, I can get back to my work at the forefront of cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing  -  and blogging! My VIP service has proved an unprecedented success and continues to enable my "Very Important Patient" clients to make the correct choices and enjoy truly thrilling results. I've enjoyed seeing clients personally as well doing telephone consultations all over the world, from America to Uruguay. (Recent telephone client in Montevideo, Uruguay, after discussing her surgical requirements: CLIENT: "Can you tell me who the best surgeon in Uruguay is or do I have to travel to Argentina?" ME: I know two top surgeons in Montevideo, you don't need to go to Argentina." As I am reminded on a daily basis, no one else in the world has access to the kind of global insider information that I do.

It's always incredibly rewarding to witness the life-transforming empowerment, new-found confidence and sheer joy that excellent cosmetic surgery brings. Helping others achieve that is what I do best, and have done for over a quarter of a century. Click HERE for Consultations. 

A very happy 2013 to all and may the future see increasingly fewer victims of bad practice who still believe what they see on the internet, on TV or in the media. You will never be told the real or the entire truth by any of those sources, I can assure you. ( And tens of thousands of devastated PIP implant victims will back me up on that.)

Next blog coming soon! 
Love, Cindy 

Here's a link to short interview I did for the Bulgarian news channel during my visit to BULGARIA last summer. I was guest of honour at the "Miss Summer" beauty contest, which was a spectacular evening and lots of fun for everyone involved, despite any perceived political incorrectness about such pageants!жената-с-най-много-пластични-операции-в-света-избира-мис-лято/

Photos from a few of my travels around the world in 2012

SWITZERLAND: Having  fun visiting a pioneering
 clinic! Those are casts of patients behind me. I just
had my own head x-rayed so we could analyse my
  bone structure, hence the white mid-line marking. 
 DENMARK: I spoke every day on stage in Copenhagen at
Scandinavia's first Anti-Ageing Fair. Also did loads of press
 interviews. Cosmetic surgery is still a little controversial there. 
 ITALY. Windblown interview in Rome with RAI television!
AUSTRIA: I discussed tips for successful cosmetic surgery
   on air with Salzburg ORF radio host Thomas Mussger, left.
RUSSIA: In Moscow on  Russia's biggest talk show with
 incredible "Living Doll," Ukranian Valeria Lukyanova.
Yes, she's real but you gotta see her to believe how 
ethereal she is. I hand my Barbie crown to her, she
looks just like a doll. And no facial surgery. Respect! 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery Part 7: NON-SURGICAL LIPOSUCTION, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? OR NOT?

Thank you to those who subscribed to my new VIP Members Service. I answered a lot of questions from new Members last week, enabling them to save time and money on the wrong procedures and empowering them with crucial inside information. The introductory fee will end shortly, so don't miss out! Now here's the new post:

I first had liposuction in 1988 when it was still new and controversial. Over the years I had several more sessions to completely reshape my body. Because I chose only the very best surgeons, my liposuction was hugely successful with no complications and gave me a figure that I could never have achieved with diet or exercise.

The benefits of conventional liposuction are well-known. Fat cells are removed forever and bodies can be reshaped in a matter of hours. However drawbacks include risk of infection, post-operative swelling & bruising, having to wear a compression garment for several weeks and downtime from normal activities. In most cases it also requires admission to a hospital or clinic and general anaesthetic. Therefore, as with all my procedures, I left nothing to chance. I did painstaking research beforehand, went in as a fully informed patient and was scrupulous about following after-care instructions. Perfect results are never a matter of luck or a hit-and-miss approach. 

When I heard rave reviews about a London doctor who has a new machine from the USA to get rid of fat cells without surgery, I was skeptical. There have been dozens of claims and machines that have come and gone in recent years, but surgical liposuction remained the only truly effective solution. (I know because I tried a good deal of the alternatives!)

However the science behind this particular non-surgical method is so sound that when I spoke to other practitioners about it, instead of the usual hoots of derision, they wanted to know more and agreed that, yes in theory, it should definitely work. The machine takes up one area of flab at a time and freezes the fat cells within it, causing them to perish and be eliminated over a period of weeks. 

Clinical trials proved its efficacy, as did the results of thousands of patients who had the treatment since it was approved by the USA's FDA. (Food and Drug Administration.) An eminent Los Angeles surgeon who is also a good friend has the machine and told me his patients are achieving very impressive fat loss. But of course for me, the real test would be if it got rid of MY fat!

After a recent bout of back problems, which made me much less active than usual, combined with "age" (!), some excess fat had accumulated around my middle. So last month I decided to have this innovative new procedure with the American machine here in London by the doctor I'd heard such good things about.

Summary: I had five areas around my waist treated in two sessions. Each area takes one hour. The cost is around £800 per area, depending on how many you have done. There's no pain and you can read, relax, talk on the phone or work on your laptop during the treatment. The dead fat cells then take two to three months to clear. At one month post-procedure, my treated areas are still numb and visibly shrinking. At this rate my waistline should be several inches smaller by the time I go on holiday next month. I will report on my progress and post pictures in weeks to come.

The treatment is painless and requires no anaesthetic. The first session
lasted three hours. After reading for awhile, I feel asleep!
Patient's eye view: Close-up picture I took of the machine as it gripped
 an area of fat on my waistline while freezing the targeted fat cells.
My fat -  frozen solid -  immediately after the treatment. It was numb, and when
 I touched it, it felt like finely crushed ice under my skin. After a few minutes
it melted, the frozen fat flattened and my skin returned to a normal colour.
 By the time i got home you would never know anything had been done.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery Part 6 - Long Distance Consultations

Sorry for not posting recently. I dedicated the past several weeks to PIP implant victims who got in touch with me. It continues to be a very tough time for all involved. Women paid thousands of pounds and had surgery in good faith but were badly let down by a system that declared the cut-price implants safe and allowed them to be used in the UK (even by the NHS after cancer reconstruction) and all around the world.

Many PIP patients also complained about other types of unsatisfactory cosmetic surgery they received. I was asked again and again how I consistently manage to get the best results with no complications, while so many others do not.

The answer is that I always go to the best specialist for each procedure at any given time. In a field that’s constantly evolving, the practitioner who was the best last year may not be best this year. The best procedure this year may not have even existed last year.  Some patients go to the same surgeon year in and year out and have single every thing done by him, yet no one doctor can be the best at, or even perform, all the available procedures. My loyalty is to my results, and that’s another vital key.

It’s fairly easy for me to find out who and what are currently the best not only in the UK, but anywhere in the world. I have 25 years of ongoing insider knowledge and review details of patient case histories on a daily basis. In addition, I attend the conferences, meet the doctors and see their results firsthand year in and year out. (Not forgetting that i also have the procedures myself!) No one else in the world is privy to such a wide spectrum of information because no one else in the world does what I do.
At a recent international trade conference & exhibition in London.
NOT a real fur coat! It's fake, by Austrian designer Airfield.
These days when I ask dissatisfied patients how they chose their surgeons, the top answers are: 1) Google.  2) Online forums.  3) The consultation was free.  (I wonder what I would look like right now if I had based my choice of practitioners or procedures on ANY of those?) When I ask why they contacted me after going ahead with surgery, there was only one answer: they expected results as good as mine, didn’t get them, and want to know how I do it.

In recent weeks I heard not only from countless frightened and angry PIP implant victims. (Again, none of my private clients or anyone I have ever advised were given PIP implants.) Annoyingly, I also heard from lots of trolls, spammers, imposters posing as patients, tabloid reporters trawling for case histories and so on, which are the kinds of things that inevitably occur when anyone can contact you over the internet. Therefore I am available to anyone who can afford cosmetic procedures and can't afford to get it wrong or pay over the odds. Click HERE for details of my worldwide consultation services.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery, Part 5

Sunday, 26 February 2012

'It’s 25 years since 
my first op and I’ve 
no plans to stop'

Record-breaking real-life
Barbie Doll hits 57

World record holder ... Cindy Jackson 

CINDY JACKSON has been nipped, tucked and sliced open more times than anyone else on the planet.

So much so, she is unrecognisable from the woman who underwent her first cosmetic procedure 25 years ago.Her incredible transformation from plain and frumpy to sexy stunner has earned Cindy the Guinness World Record for having had the most cosmetic surgery procedures.

"I spend on average two weeks each year having surgery and recovering from it. I have to if I'm going to continue to hold back time," she says. "I'll only stop when I die, when they hammer that final nail into my coffin. As far as I'm concerned, this is only the anniversary of my first 25 years of surgery. I've got at least that many more to come."

The former pop singer first toyed with idea of changing her appearance when she came to London from Ohio in the US in 1977 to study fine art. She says: "From the age of six I knew I was a plain-looking girl and that it put me at a disadvantage compared to my far prettier classmates.

Changing faces ... Cindy has transformedherself since her first procedure 25 years ago
I could see that the better looking you were, the better other people treated you. I wanted to be a member of that golden group."

Cindy, who is single with no children, recalls: "A friend said that when I smiled my nose and chin looked as though they might touch. It made me feel ugly." Later, as an art student she learned that great artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were successful because they knew how to create the perfect face.

She says: "They used very precise measurements and proportions — for example, they knew that the eyes needed to be so far apart and a certain distance from the chin. "I began to look at my own features and realised I wasn't pretty because my proportions were all wrong. I had a big nose and a prominent chin. My face didn't fit."

Cindy started looking at her reflection and imagining it as a lump of clay. "I'd see that if I could remould this, chisel away here and chip away there, I could become beautiful."

So when her late father, who was an inventor, left her £10,000 in 1987, she decided to spend it reinventing herself. Her wishlist included wider eyes, a smaller nose, high cheekbones, a more delicate jawline, perfect white teeth and fuller lips.
Plastic fantastic ... Cindy says she will only stop having surgery when she dies
She says: "I looked at myself as a rough draft of what could eventually become a beautiful work of art. But first I would need to adjust my face and remodel my body. I needed a smaller waist and flatter abdomen, as well as thinner thighs and knees and to lose my love handles and cellulite. Then I would be the full package."

During the last quarter-century Cindy has spent more than £62,000 on 52 surgical procedures, including five facelifts, jaw restructuring, a nose job, two eye-lifts, extensive liposuction and cheek implants. Around £20,000 more has gone on fillers and Botox injections. She says: "It would cost three times that in today's money. My first facelift cost me £1,500, you can't get one for less than £10,000 these days."

In 1989, two years after beginning her transformation, Cindy gave an exclusive interview to The Sun, after which she became a global celebrity. She says: "I got calls from publications and TV stations all over the world. I started charging for interviews and wrote two books — Living Doll and Image and Cosmetic Surgery Secrets. The proceeds funded more surgery. Suddenly Cindy Jackson became a worldwide brand.

"It took me 15 years to achieve everything on my wishlist. I booked in with the best surgeons on three continents, having operations in clinics in Australia, America and England.

In 1999, Cindy won her place in the book of Guinness World Records for having had the most cosmetic procedures. She has held it ever since.

She now acts as a cosmetic surgery consultant and has brought out her own skincare range and world's first HD makeup mirror. She says: "My experience has benefited patients all over the world. You can't start randomly changing things about yourself. It's a science and an art form."

Cindy says now she only has operations and procedures to maintain her youthful good looks.

She says: "I never intended to break records. I just want to be young and beautiful. I never want to look into the mirror and see a wrinkly old face staring back — and I don't think I will ever have to."

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery, Part 4

Part 4 - Some Things Never Change

PIP breast implants - bad news.
It was recently reported that French breast implant company Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) manufactured and sold an estimated 300,000 implants containing potentially toxic industrial-grade silicone. Somehow they passed EU safety standards and were exported to 65 countries over 12 years. This news has caused widespread panic among women who have the implants, and to those who don't know what kind of implants they have. (ALWAYS ask for the package inserts for any medical devices and keep them safe for your records.)

I have since been inundated with enquiries from women who have PIP implants and don't know what to do, asking whether or not I have them and what I would do. (I don't have PIP implants, but I would want them out if I did.) Many are not willing to wait and see what healthcare providers ultimately decide and choose to pay to have them replaced privately, an expensive option not possible for everyone. 

A little history -

Over the past 25 years I've witnessed no less than three other types of breast implants being taken off the market: Polyurethane-coated (the coating broke down and produced carcinogenic substances), Double-lumen (silicone inside saline implant that ruptured at an unacceptable rate) and Trilucent (soybean oil filled, which were determined could break down and release toxic materials.)

I've also seen many expensive treatments hit the media in a a blaze of glory only to be quietly withdrawn after proving problematic or dangerous including: Isologen (harvesting your own cells for re-implantation as a filler) and Flabjab injections (soya derivative claimed to melt fat).  On the cosmetics front, every year expensive new "miracle" beauty potions and creams are launched that do not live up to their claims. In the UK, L'Oreal were asked to withdraw their TV ads for a wrinkle cream containing "Boswelox," an ingredient unheard of outside the French company, after they were unable to provide sufficient evidence of its efficacy.

What's the secret for never falling victim to any of the above? For me there have been several factors: Although I've made radical changes to my appearance, my overall approach has been exceptionally conservative. I don't believe everything I read and remain highly skeptical about new unproven treatments. Media hype and PR campaigns on behalf of manufacturers, clinics or surgeons don't cloud my judgement or influence my decisions. I remain focused on the end result, both short and long term. (But that's also my approach to most things, so I guess I'm just lucky to be wired that way.) In addition, for over two decades clients have been contacting me for all sorts of reasons, including to help them put bad surgery right, so I've gained a rare in-depth understanding of how and why things can go wrong, as well as the names of who does the best and worst work. However, and perhaps most importantly, I choose like-minded medical practitioners who share not only my aesthetics, but my extreme caution, which is why I do not have PIP implants myself nor do any of my private clients, as I have never recommended any surgeons or clinics who used them.

The consensus among my medical contacts and surgeon friends is that PIP implants were being sold so cheaply that suspicions were aroused and potential problems had been reported. T
herefore they were never tempted to change from their tried and tested brands. Yet, according to what PIP implant recipients are revealing, it seems that the savings were not passed on to them, and in many cases they actually paid way above the going rate.

My thoughts are with women the world over who have PIP implants. I hope they will all be able to get them removed and replaced with the top quality ones they should have had in the first place. PIP implants were even given to cancer patients during mastectomy reconstruction by the NHS.

Those needing help and advice about PIP implants should consult their GP or surgeon. There is also a good deal of comprehensive information online and Facebook support groups have been set up.

If history is anything to go by, this will not be the last time the public will be let down by those entrusted with   their health and well-being, an unfortunate state of affairs by no means limited to plastic surgery. With the recession biting ever deeper around the globe, we are all attracted to bargains, and big business is no different. I urge everyone to be vigilant and take extra care in all aspects of their health and safety.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery, Part 3

Part 3. The Media - Then and Now

New Year - new look! 

Back in 1987 it never occurred to me that having cosmetic surgery could make anyone famous. My friends and family knew about my surgery but I never intended to tell anybody else. At that time, using cosmetic surgery to totally reinvent yourself was completely unheard of, and few people admitted to so much as a mole removal. I remember this time well, because this lack of disclosure made it impossible to get information and surgeons were "deferred to" whereas nowadays they are "shopped for."

My "fame" all started the summer of 1989 when I ran into a Sun newspaper reporter in London who had often written about my band in his music column. He was visibly shocked by how I had changed and asked what I'd done. When I recounted my relatively small list of procedures, he begged me to sell my story to the his paper. I said no, this was private. After a series of  telephone calls from the Sun offering higher and higher bids, I finally agreed to the interview and photo session. Nobody I knew read the Sun, I reasoned, and the extra money would help pay for more surgery, since I was still some way off my goals and running out of funds. (I had been left a small inheritance that I used for my first few procedures.) I revealed in detail exactly what I had done and how much it cost, and the Sun ran it as a double page spread, below.

The Sun newspaper article that started it all. July 13, 1989
The Sun syndicated my story globally, which I had not counted on. It was bought by newspapers, magazines and TV shows the world over. There was no internet then or it would have been sold online too. With a long-term view of what I wanted to achieve surgically, I negotiated fees for interviews with the media, which took me around the world and funded not only my passion for travel, but the rest of my surgery.

Soon I became sufficiently famous for the UK press, who notoriously "build you up then tear you down," to try just that. When the Observer newspaper ran a spiteful, made-up article about me on their news page, i began libel proceedings and easily won an out of court settlement. That is how I bought my London home. I furnished it with the proceeds of another out of court settlement from the Daily Mail.

The old days of checkbook journalism and massive libel payouts are long gone, and sadly so is what we used to call "news."  Instead, so many papers and TV shows today trade on cheap entertainment and titillation, fuelled by an endless supply of those willing to appear in the media for little or or no payment in return for what often amounts to ritual humiliation. This is particularly true when it comes to cosmetic surgery. These days I decline more interviews than I accept, favouring the more serious ones I believe will be seen by those genuinely interested in the subject. Still, people comment on how guarded I appear on camera compared to earlier years. There's a good reason for that: you never really know what's coming next!

Out of curiosity I sometimes check out the interviews I've turned down. They all tend to follow the same "freak show" formula: Subjects who have had overly done faces/lips/breasts/etc often declaring they're addicted to surgery and claiming to have spent vast sums that don't add up. If it's a newspaper or magazine interview also available online, the posted comments from readers are scathing. If it's on TV, they are ridiculed on the show -  and again on the show's website - and yet again on the show on YouTube. (With no repeat fees!)

I wish the media would feature more down-to-earth people who've had successful, natural looking cosmetic surgery.(Although perhaps their stories do not qualify due to lack of shock value.) While many of my clients who have achieved their surgical goals would be ideal, they always tell me they don't want to be famous, even for 15 minutes. Nor do they wish to attract the sort of criticism I sometimes receive, or to endure made-up stories about them in the media -  both of which go with the territory. (As does being stalked!) And my clients who are already famous don't want their careers upstaged by their plastic surgery, which so often happens when someone in the public eye admits to having anything done. So one thing has not changed in 25 years - most cosmetic surgery patients are private as ever, as I had once planned to remain before the Sun newspaper article.

As the old cliché goes, fame is a double edged sword. But I have no regrets whatsoever. Had I not sold my story to the Sun back in 1989, I would never have been in a position to get all the inside information from the tens of thousands of other patients all over the world who got in touch after seeing me in the media during the past quarter of a century. Through sharing their private case histories and personal firsthand experiences with me, I got to know about all the very best (and worst!) procedures and surgeons. Without that crucial inside information, there is no way I would look like I do today, which may not be perfect or to everyone's taste, but it's how I want to look. And that's the real benefit my little bit of fame has brought me, which in turn enables me to help others achieve their goals. My long-established communication network with other patients and top medical professionals continues to bypass all the misleading hype, silly sensationalism and seductive advertising so often associated with cosmetic surgery.


Saturday, 19 November 2011

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery, Part 2

Part 2. The Trend for Undetectable, Natural-Looking Results 

Since I started having cosmetic surgery back in the eighties, I've been privy to the results of countless other patients, which have encompassed the full spectrum from "disastrous" on one end, "acceptable" in the middle and "beautifully natural" on the other end.

I'm no fan of overly Botoxed faces, "wind tunnel" facelifts, over-inflated lips or huge breast implants. They're just not attractive by definition, and we acknowledge this on a deeply primal level. Anthropological studies reveal that we all have an innate mental template of what a human being "should" look like, which we automatically hold up and compare to every single person we encounter and assess their appearance in a nanosecond. It's a survival mechanism that tells us whether they could be a potential mate, someone we would like to befriend or if they might pose a physical threat. This is only part of the barrage of information our brain processes the moment we behold another of our species. The obvious "surgically enhanced" look is not attractive to others because it doesn't fit our primal template; it just doesn't look "right."

These days I'm pleased to say I'm seeing more lovely, natural looking results on clients who come to me for Private Consultations. They've had surgery, some of them extensively, but you would never guess. They tell me I've been their role model for years and they choose their surgeons and procedures using the unique criteria in my Cosmetic Surgery Secrets book, and regard my results as their "Gold Standard." (Always very nice to hear!) In return, sharing their incredibly varied in-depth experiences helps me maintain my unparalleled insight into the world of cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing. It really is a two way street that has been evolving over the past 25 years; I started talking to other patients and exchanging information in surgeons' waiting rooms way back in 1987.

So why would those who've had such great surgery still come to see me at this point? That's what I wondered when this trend first began. Consistent with their desire for natural looking results, they seek my advice about when to have what done next because they're afraid of "going too far." We spend time discussing their long term goals; you have to pace yourself and consider how the procedure you have done today will impact your looks in 5, 10, 20 (and so on) years' time. I'm in it for the "long haul" so this type of forward planning is something I've always done and would urge others to bear in mind when contemplating cosmetic procedures. 

Below is a lady who appeals to many a primal template! I'm often asked about what I think she has or has not had done, so let's look at the differences in the two photos. With the passing of time, normally the nose gets larger, and the upper lip gets thinner, where the opposite is evident here. (Note that her lower lip has thinned over the years, as would be expected.) Her chin also appears to be much more square and prominent. The cheekbones look fuller and more defined, yet with ageing, cheeks lose volume instead of gaining it. So whatever she has or has not had done, clearly it's all working for her! These are the kinds of results I'm seeing more of that were a rarity 25 years ago. 
Young Angelina Jolie
Angelina now

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery, Part 1

Back in the Eighties: People warned me then
that "everything might fall apart in 20 years!"
Today:  I was also warned that my face 
"might not work in 20 years." They were wrong!

With my entry in the 2012 edition of the Guinness Book of Records, I will have officially held the world record (since I set it in 2000) for 13 years, which is probably a record in itself! However, the year 2012 also represents another landmark for me; I first started having cosmetic surgery 25 years before - when Ronald Reagan was the U.S. President, Belinda Carlisle sang "Heaven is a Place on Earth," the American TV show Dallas inspired us to wear big hair & shoulder pads, Dirty Dancing was a box-office hit, Princess Diana famously hugged an Aids sufferer, mobile (or cell) phones were unheard of and the internet as we know it did not yet exist.

The world has changed beyond recognition since then, and so have I. The past 25 years have also seen profound changes in cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing. Therefore in the coming months I will be interspersing my regular blog posts with a special 25 part series writing about these changes.

Part 1. The World Wide Web: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

THE GOOD: Back in the eighties it was extremely difficult to get information about cosmetic surgery, but these days we can type the name of any surgeon or procedure into a search engine and receive a flurry of data in a fraction of a second.  It's easy to check qualifications, see before and after pictures, compare prices, and read in-depth details of new treatments written by practitioners, technicians and product manufacturers. It could even be argued that it has got to the point where is so much information online (and more being added every minute) that it's even harder to choose what to have done and by whom.

The internet has become an indispensable research and communication tool for those of us interested in anti-ageing and cosmetic surgery. However, I have never chosen a single procedure or medical professional from the internet. Instead I continue to get the facts directly from fellow patients, doctors and professional colleagues, then use Google to get all the in-depth information from credible online resources.

THE BAD: Unfortunately, along with identity theft and scam web sites, other dangers lurk online. I've heard from quite a few devastated patients who were led down the wrong road on the information highway by online cosmetic surgery forums whose purpose is to persuade unsuspecting web surfers to go to (or not to go to) certain surgeons or to have specific treatments, normally while claiming to be independent. They contain a lot of misleading posts made by anonymous characters using pseudonyms, and the faceless moderators do not allow posts that do not conform to their agenda. Someone has to be financing these costly forums and paying full-time moderators, but the owners tend to be extremely guarded about their real identity. (Personally, if I am going to take cosmetic surgery advice from someone, I need to know what they look like!)

 Beware of known unreliable web sites. Contrary to Wikipedia's announcement of my death in 2009, I'm still very much on the cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing scene after 25 years. Here's to the next 25!

It was just like being in that Bruce Willis movie "Sixth Sense."  I was dead and didn't know it!

Friday, 28 October 2011

October in Austria

I visited Austria twice this month, the country that is home to world-famous brands such as Swarovski crystal, Silhouette sunglasses, Wolford hosiery and Red Bull.  Austrians know quality when they see it, so my products are extremely popular there. As usual, my own HD Mirror proved indispensable for doing makeup on the road in every conceivable situation, even up a mountain before meeting the press! Here are some photos from my travels. 
News article about my HD Mirrors. The headline says," Mirror, Mirror on the Wall."
I always take time to stop and smell the roses - and play with the animals!
This is a little Austrian kitten named Sina who lives in Ligist.
Getting a personal lederhosen slapping lesson from Ausrian superstar 
Andreas Gabalier, who put on a fantastic show at the Kärnten-Fest in Klagenfurt.
I was given a private preview tour of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum 
at his childhood home in Thal before attending the official opening
 by Arnie himself the following day. (He looks much smaller in person!)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

TV Appearance: Sunday Morning Live, BBC 1, October 2nd at 10am

Beautiful British wildlife under threat

Sorry for the short notice, but I'll be appearing on BBC1's Sunday Morning Live tomorrow, which airs from 10-11am. I'm unable to go into the studios due to previous commitments, so I'll be contributing to the show live via webcam. My segment is scheduled to start sometime after 10:30am.

The debate is about the government funded culling of British badgers and deer. This is not an emotive issue, there are alternatives and plenty of valid reasons why it should not be allowed to continue.  Some may think the subject is rather divergent from my usual television interviews but I've long been associated with animal welfare in the UK. Unfortunately a good deal of the media these days is focused on gossip and sensationalism so I'm grateful to the BBC for drawing attention to these cruel practices that give neither the taxpayer nor the animals any choice in the matter.

Please join me in speaking up for those who have no voice.

You can click on the links below for more information:
Badger Culling Info Page
Article on Deer Culling
Video: Queen Guitarist Brian May Campaigns Against Badger Cull

Friday, 30 September 2011

Cindy Jackson HD Mirror: Presentation in Austria October 15th

My revolutionary new HD Mirror is proving to be the latest must-have beauty accessory all around the world, especially with the fast, low-cost international shipping from Up to now it has been most popular in the USA and Australia, so we'll see more perfect grooming and flawless makeup in those countries! You can order yours by clicking here: CINDY JACKSON HD MIRROR ORDER PAGE

Next stop Austria: I will present my HD Mirror at the Südpark Mall (Kärnten) on October 15th, where I'll also be signing copies of  the just-published 2012 Guinness World Record book beside my entry on page 81. Below is the poster with full details. 

My amazing new HD mirror is the perfect gift - for yourself or someone else!

Monday, 26 September 2011

A Life-Changing Book Everyone Should Read

I organize my books according to spine colour.
It makes your bookshelves look so much tidier!
I love curling up with a good book and my cat Pip. Normally I don’t review books here, but there’s one in particular I’d really like to share with you. This is why:

Over the past two years I’ve been helping a very special and deeply spiritual American client with her surgical transformation. A widow in her late forties, she first came to see me after spending the previous several years caring for and mourning her terminally ill husband. After all the heartbreak she had endured, she was finally ready to start a new life. Under my guidance, she went from a sad-faced, prematurely aged woman to a much younger-looking and stunningly beautiful version of herself.

Her results are so perfect and natural that no one would ever guess she had anything done. Consequently she appears to be a carefree young woman who was lucky enough to be born beautiful, and so would have reaped the lifelong benefits and power that beauty bestows. But since that obviously wasn't the case, it was like giving a student driver the keys to a brand new Ferrari. She had a little trouble handling it at first.

With the very first changes, people began to notice her. Some would stare at her in admiration while sometimes strangers would be nasty to her out of jealousy or resentment. She had previously been a fairly anonymous woman; said she felt “invisible.” The attention she started to attract, both positive and negative, was unsettling. She asked me how I had dealt with that particular dynamic.

I explained that spiteful and negative people have always been around her. They are around us all.  So are positive, supportive people. Now both were making themselves known to her, which she should see as a tremendous advantage.

I’m a very positive person and always saw myself as young, beautiful, slim, healthy, happy and successful – even when I really was not at all. But you become what you think about most. Your body hears every single one of your thoughts and acts on them. Positive thinking is what got me where I am today. Without my lifelong habit of seeing problems as opportunities and believing in myself regardless of negative input from others, I would never have even left the farm, much less had any surgery.

Therefore my client only needed to adjust her inner thoughts about her self-image to match what we had adjusted on the outside.

By the time her surgical transformation was complete, she had experienced many of the same things I had. She began to attract men young enough to be her son. Girlfriends her own age were mistaken for her mother. People were nicer to her and smiled at her more. Her real friends were totally supportive and haters who never noticed her before came out of the woodwork. (Haters are often harmless attention-seeking types who want everyone to look at them instead of you. If you ignore them they'll seek attention elsewhere.)

When my client leaned how to harness the incredible power of positive self-talk, it was the icing on the cake. It gave her an inner glow, and added radiance to her beautiful new face. Because positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative, she is now attracting the most wonderful people into her life. 

Positive self-talk is something I’ve always done naturally, but a book that was first published over 20 years ago explains it better than I ever could. It also helped me find lots of new ways to remain positive, especially useful these days when there is so much negativity coming at us from all directions. This book is often and deservedly called “life changing.” I recommend it to everyone, and so does my client. Get it, read it, and thank me later!

The book is: What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter.