Tuesday, 29 June 2010

World Cup 2010

     It has been an exciting week for international sports. Unfortunately England are out of the World Cup after being defeated by Germany on Sunday. Since then the England team have been subjected to a great deal of criticism. They lost 4-1, although the correct score would have been 4-2 considering the unfairly disallowed goal.
     I can, however, speak in England's defence with some authority because I play midfield on a celebrity women's football team in Austria - with a mix of Austrians and Germans on both sides. Four words to the England team next time they play against Germany: THEY TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! No more to say.
     Below is a recent team picture. That's me in the top row on the far right. I am the only native English speaker. The game is played and refereed in German and broadcast across Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The England team could learn a lot about football from us girls, all they need to do is ask...

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