Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Permanent Makeup

     With summer holidays fast approaching, I'm getting more inquiries than usual about my experiences with Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation. And always the same four questions: Does it hurt? Does it work? Does it look natural? Who do you go to/Who is the best practitioner? 
     The answers are: No it does not hurt, yes it does work, and yes it does look natural, but just as with cosmetic surgery, only when done by the very best practitioners. I have seen some real disasters done by lesser talented ones. Myself, I go to Dunja Ghag in Kensington, London. (I have brows, eyeliner and lips done.) In my experience she is far and away the best Permanent Makeup artist around. She does all the big celebrities - and me!  
     Below is a picture of the lovely and super-talented Dunja along with a link to her site, where the answers to any further questions can be found. http://www.permanentmakeupbydunja.com