Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Animal Anti-Ageing

Pip and me: Defying age and gravity together.

     Visitors to my London home, who are always greeted by two playful jet-black felines named Pip and Claude, never fail to express disbelief when they learn that the kitties vying for their attention are actually aged 12 and 17, respectively. This is because they are slim with glossy coats, bright eyes and scamper around like mischievous kittens. They have the appearance and demeanour of much younger cats. 
     It's the same look I get when I am approached by guys in their twenties who aren't familiar with "my story" and assume that I am in their peer group so they don't hesitate to hit on me. When I tell them my age I get that familiar look of disbelief. As long as I continue to get that look, I know I am doing everything right! But I digress. 
     I've heard all the jokes - the cats must have had facelifts, they are not allowed to grow old gracefully, etc - but I'm convinced that their glowing health and youthful looks are due to their diet. 
     Like me, they don't have milk or any other dairy products for health reasons. We all drink filtered tap water (Brita Edition with the glass jug we keep in the fridge) and never have water out of plastic bottles, again for health reasons. (The elder cat also drinks out of the bird bath but it hasn't done him any harm!) It's very important to let the cold tap run for awhile first thing in the morning to clear out the pipes. Health is always my absolute first priority, but drinking fresh filtered tap water also has other important benefits over bottled water; it saves a lot of money and cuts down on the massive amounts of plastic bottles that end up in landfills. 
     I am vegetarian but my cats are carnivores so they get a variety of poultry and fish as treats. However their staple diet is dry organic cat food from OrganiPets, a British pet food company who also do organic dog food. Dry food is essential for good dental health and it's very convenient to fill their bowls in the morning and let them grab a bite whenever they feel like it. They don't overeat because they get all the nutrition they need and aren't addicted to "junk cat food," otherwise known as the swill that passes for most commercial pet food. (Many pet food companies also cruelly "test" their concoctions on caged laboratory cats and dogs who have no quality of life. They should all be boycotted on  moral grounds.)
     I also love the OrganiPets story: they couldn't find high-quality organic food for their "terminally-ill" rescue dog Raffy so they made their own for him. Five years on, Raffy has defied veterinary science and is still going strong. OrganiPets started producing their uncompromising organic pet food so more dogs and cats could benefit, mine included. And like our filtered water, it saves money. Animals naturally eat less when they get the nutrition they need and a healthy pet saves on vet bills, both short and long term.
     Their story reminds me of how I started my own pure and highly effective skincare range with Microdermabrasion. There was  nothing on the market that actually worked and most skincare products are so chemically-laden that I would not consider using them, despite the lavish claims made in their costly advertising campaigns - which as a rule make up a great deal more of the end price than what goes into the the jar. Having learned exactly what harmful ingredients are used in even the most expensive luxury brands, I started making my own - without the parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals or plastic fillers found in even "the best" skincare products. Now, like OrganiPets, they are also available to everyone who wishes to benefit.
     This is not an advert for OrganiPets, it is well-earned praise for a little-known ethical company in the British countryside who do a brilliant job. My cats are living proof and I am grateful to them for that. Times have changed. We all need to support the companies who are helping to build our health - and the health of the animals and our planet. The rest do not deserve our business. 


  1. Received my moisturisers this morning. Great service as I only ordered yesterday. Been using them for years and now wouldn't use anything else on my skin. Highly recommend. They also smell really fresh and nutritious - good enough to eat. Thanks, Cindy.

  2. Cindy, you look great! you are a role model in so many ways!

  3. I wonder how you manage to avoid having that wrinkle between your eyes that we get as we age--I know you don't use Botox...

  4. It's probably genetic - neither one of my parents had them, nor does my sister. They are known as "frown lines" and I never frown so maybe that also has something to do with it.