Monday, 4 October 2010

New Interview Online - Croatian Television

I recorded this for Croatian television when I was in Austria. It contains a lot of very old footage and operation scenes, some of which are not even me! However the sit-down interview with the lovely Svjetlana Matic was filmed last week at the Vitalhotel in the beautiful town of Bad Radkersburg, below. A great place for cycling, too!
Bad Radkersburg, Austria. September 2010.


  1. A video which is most interesting than the French one (related to a previous post). That's very amazing to watch images of surgeries and so helpful to understand how it's done. Questions are also interesting. And of course, you look great (and younger years after years !)

  2. Awesome Video! *__*
    Really very interesting interview!
    I just can say you are the most beautiful human being in this universe, Cindy!

  3. It's CROATIAN not CROATION. The country is Croatia. It's close to Austria, you should visit :-)

  4. Thank you. All typos and spelling corrections appreciated!