Monday, 11 April 2011

Bad Radkersburg, Austria - my second home

When I'm not in London, I spend every minute I can in my second home, the beautiful historic town of Bad Radkersburg in Austria. It's truly heaven on earth. The Mediterranean climate means you can be outdoors in the sunshine almost every day of the year. There are bicycle paths all around the town and surrounding picturesque countryside that make it fun and easy to explore the region - and get some good exercise. Wearing lederhosen is optional!
I've been all over the world - and found my spiritual home in Bad Radkersburg, an ancient town built on the rare natural healing hot springs,the best kept secret of  in-the-know Europeans. Why? Because it's not on the mainstream tourist trail. It's the real Austria.
The Vitalhotel in Bad Radkersburg helps me stay young-looking. They have the best bar in Europe! (Hey, having fun and relaxing is crucial to reducing stress levels. That's my excuse anyway!) Seriously though, that is where I go to de-tox, re-tox and generally come back to London several pounds lighter and looking and feeling years younger. I've been going to Austria since 1979 so I am very much at home there, and I love wearing the traditional Austrian outfits. Yes, they really DO dress like that in the countryside, and so do I!
Bad Radkersburg is located in the Styrian region of Austria, which is famous for its apple trees and pumpkin crops, as well as being the birthplace and home county of Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a vegetarian, I look forward to enjoying the fresh vitamin and anti-oxidant-laden local pumpkin cuisine, which goes far beyond the legendary Styrian pumpkin soup to include breakfast dishes, salad dressing - and pumpkin cake that's way better than chocolate (crazy but true, I can assure you as lifelong chocolate lover) and pumpkin seed oil. You don't get this quality of food anywhere else in Europe, or possibly the world. Good health is absolutely crucial to my long-term anti-ageing plan. Without good heath, you have nothing. Without my home in Austria, I would not have such good health. We all need to find our spiritual homes. I am very grateful to have found mine in Bad Radkersburg.

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