Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Good Morning America 5 April 2011 link

Below is the link to the Good Morning America site where my interview segment is posted:


  1. You are so pretty Cindy, beyond words. I admire you for who you are and quite frankly you are a lady. Yes, mother nature messes with us, but we can mess with her also. You did it with taste and class. I am 28 years old and you look 10 years younger than me.
    I wanted to see what you were about and right after the special on GMA i googled your name and found your website. You have a new fan!!!
    BTW, that french interview was downright insulting.

  2. I think Cindy Jackson is one of the "NO" I think Cindy Jackson "IS" the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!!!!hands down!!!If you ever get to Iowa in the US please stop by for a tea! Garry Rubino

  3. I think that you are stunning and I hope I look as beautiful as you do when I am your age. There seem to be a lot of people out there who come across as critical of another person's desire to look and feel their best. I find it inspiring when people dare to be different and follow their own path. Best wishes.

  4. I'm not sure I'd be willing to go through the pain and expense, but you look amazing - hats off to you for living your dream! Seeing you has really made me think twice about what aging means. When I first saw you I thought you were about 25. Then the interviewer mentioned your age and I almost fell off my chair. You look fabulous.

  5. I saw you online today for the first time and I think you look amazing. I am all for cosmetic surgery and think you should do whatever makes you feel great. I wish I had the funds to do same and I would be all for it. I had a botched liposuction job when I was 18 and would love to get that fixed! I admire you for everything you have done you look like you are in your late 20's!! Good for you!

  6. Cindy, you are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for proving that plastic surgery, when done right, can be a wonderful thing. I look forward to reading your books.

  7. Ms. Jackson,

    I saw your interview on GMA today and that was how I was introduced to you. I want to say "thank you" for showing that evolution is not just random, but based on the needs of the being. Too often science is blocked by those that claim things are "artificial" or "unnatural" and you are standing up, gorgeous knees and all, and showing that a thoughful, well-paced, plan of action to enhance one's appearance can bring a better life.

    Our impressions of ourselves are based mostly in our outlook on what we look like. We are visual creatures and as we age we perceive that as our body breaks down, so too should our mental outlook. We look older, and so we should feel older. This is a falsehood and directly shows how cosmetic enhancements can breath new life into our existence.

    It takes well considered pioneers, like you, to open doors previously thought closed or taboo, and show that the boogie man in the closet is our own apprehension to change. Thank you Cindy for being strong and beautiful both inside and out.

    Michael Edison

  8. Your body is yours and no one else's. Those who haven't had any plastic surgery don't have a personal reference point to draw upon and are most likely to be against it. Especially if their looks have not been a problem. Everyone has an opinion but at the end of the day the only one that matters when it comes to you, is yours!!!

    Cindy looks great. She's much more beautiful than before and understands that the body is a shell and it doesn't always reflect how you feel inside. My only beef with Cindy is that neither she or her staff have ever answered any of the three e-mails I've sent her over the past 10 years! For that, I'm very disappointed.