Sunday, 22 May 2011

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Since my recent hand rejuvenation and numerous articles featuring close-up photographs of them (see my "Today's Sun Newspaper Feature" blog dated April 1st), several people have commented on the fact that I don't wear nail polish. I haven't done for many years because as Mr. Spock in Star Trek might have said, "It's not logical for a toxin-avoiding vegetarian to regularly apply carcinogenic chemicals to their toe and finger tips." 

With summer approaching, when I live in Fit-Flops and would love to be able to paint my toenails,  I began to wonder if anyone had finally developed an alternative to solvent-based nail enamel that did not require yet more toxic chemicals to remove it. 

After a bit of research, I found one new product that fits that description: Honeybee Gardens WaterColours Odourless Nail Polish. It's a water-based formula that contains no FD&C colours, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, xylene or formaldehyde, chemicals that are commonly found in most nail polishes.

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish
You remove it using isopropyl, rubbing or grain alcohol, or vodka - so be careful not to spill your Martini on it!

I bought it in two lovely natural shades, Mocha Latte and San Francisco. Unfortunately Fairy Dust is no longer available, or I would have got that colour too.

Here's where I found my Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish and lots of other non-toxic ethical products. Click on the banner below:

The Natural Store - Home to the World's Finest Ethical Brands

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  1. I'm really glad you posted this, it's so hard to find safe but effective cosmetics! You might also check out Piggy Paint, it's made for kids but they also have a line out for women called "Refined." The only difference is the color selection.