Friday, 24 June 2011

Results of my latest procedures as seen on new German TV interview

On the video link below you can finally see the results of my non-surgical facelift that was filmed by America's Inside Edition; scroll down to see the post from May 11 for more details. I meant to have some new photos done to post here to show the results and I apologise to everybody who got in touch asking how it turned out, but due to one thing or another the photo session hasn't happened yet. However video is much better than photographs because you can see the results from different angles and compare the way I look now to the older footage. And it will silence any cynics who might have given credit to Photoshop or careful lighting for these incredible results! Hey, you can't Photoshop videotape and the lighting was the best they could do under the circumstances considering it was done "on the hoof" and not in a studio.

This TV interview with RTL Germany was recorded last week. They included old pictures and archive footage, plus some scenes they filmed about 18 months ago, where my hair is longer and parted on the side and I am wearing a white shirt. So you know which is which, all the new footage from last week is similar to the screen shot below, where I am either seated or speaking to other guests at a London party to celebrate the launch of my friend and Ladettes to Ladies star Liz Brewer's new book, The Ultimate Guide to Party Planning & Etiquette.(Great book - lots of very useful information!) There is a large square-shaped yellow microphone in every scene and my hair is parted down the middle. All the other scenes are archive material. You can clearly see that I look better/younger now.

I have been at the cutting edge (literally!) of cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing for nearly 25 years and I could not be more impressed with the results of my non-surgical facelift. This is the future: being able to achieve dramatic improvements without undergoing general anaesthetic or invasive surgery. That was just not possible when I first started having cosmetic surgery back in 1988. This unique and revolutionary combination of non-surgical procedures is the perfect solution for so many, including those who are not ready for a facelift or who cannot for whatever reason undergo an operation. And also for those like me, who have had surgery and do not need more just yet, but would like an overall gentle face/neck lifting and tightening, plus filler and hydration injections to enhance specific areas. Please note: Surgical intervention will still be required to remove excess skin, redundant muscle and take decades off a person's face or body.

The image below is a screenshot. You need to 
click on the text above to go to the video page. 


  1. Hi Cindy,

    For some reason the link isn't working for me, and when I tried clicking on the link again it said that the video isn't available in this country (USA). Hopefully it becomes available soon because I am really looking forward to seeing your latest rejuvenation!

  2. Hi G,

    Sorry about that. I made a copy of the video that is not quite as clear but it still looks really good considering I filmed it off my iMac screen with an HD video camera! Videos on this blog have to be uploaded through YouTube so as soon as it's processed (it takes several hours apparently) I'll put it up in a new blog post, so you'll get a notification. Also I'm doing some photos next week. Have a great weekend!

    All the best,