Friday, 9 September 2011

Brand New High Definition Mirror

It has been awhile since my last post. I dedicated the summer to working on my latest project: The Cindy Jackson HD Mirror. At 10 plus magnification and measuring a generous 17.5 cms in diameter, it is absolutely essential for anyone who has struggled to see using smaller poor-quality mirrors with less magnification. 

I had bought a similar mirror in Tokyo in the late 90s that had 3 small suction cups on the back and it became indispensable. I took it all over the world with me and lost it several times, but always managed to get it sent back to me from various travels. But when I left it stuck to the bathroom mirror at the Savoy Hotel in Moscow, it stayed in Russia. 

I travel a lot and I literally searched all over the world for a replacement but could not find anything anywhere that even came close. But I did find a manufacturer who could make them for me with an improved design. One of the drawbacks of the suction cups on the back of my long-lost Japanese mirror was that it meant it had to be flat against the surface it was stuck to, limiting visibility and producing the occasional stiff neck. Also sometimes it would come unstuck and crash to the floor, usually in the middle of the night in a strange hotel room, scaring me half to death. My new HD mirror has one big suction cup with a firm locking mechanism that holds it securely in place AND it swivels to any angle. 

Since receiving the prototype mirror in early June, I have used it every single day at home and it goes everywhere with me. (It's extremely light, weighing just 240 grams.) Like Kylie Minogue and Joan Collins, who have access to the world's top professional makeup artists yet always do their own, I normally do too. I learned all the the best techniques and tips from the professionals early in my career from being made up for TV shows and photo sessions. The only problem is that I need reading glasses and of course you can't wear them while applying makeup. It's no good knowing what you're doing if you can't see what you're doing! My HD Mirror gives the clearest, sharpest extreme close-up, leaving nothing to the imagination. And I mean nothing.

I recently had a photo session with legendary British photographer James Nader. The studio was equipped with the usual unmagnified makeup mirror surrounded by light bulbs. Ignoring that, I went straight to the nearest window, attached my HD Mirror to it and started doing my makeup. (Even though it was raining, the optimised natural light was far superior to what what was produced by the multitude of light bulbs. That's why I always attach mine to a window whenever possible.) Everyone in the studio wanted to have a look in my mirror. One by one, they did. They all said the same thing: "OH MY GOD!" (just like that character in Friends) followed by "I HAVE GOT TO HAVE ONE OF THESE!" They had had never seen anything like it, nor had they ever seen their faces that clearly before.

We are all busy these days so I'm not the only one who regularly needs to do makeup on the go. You can attach my mirror to any smooth surface and turn the smallest space into a mini makeup studio. When you have done your makeup using the all-revealing 10 plus HD reflection, you will be astounded at the perfect flawless finish you have achieved when you then look in a normal mirror.

On a less elegant note, with my new HD mirror you will never overlook another stray eyebrow or nose hair! 

Don't live in the UK? Not a problem. I will mail your mirror to you anywhere in the world at ridiculously cheap shipping charges!

Mobile makeup studio: Using my HD Mirror on 
a British Rail train en route to the photo session. Yes,
I snapped the picture myself, check my right arm!
One of the pictures from the photo session by James Nader.
I applied my own makeup using the HD Mirror!

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