Monday, 26 September 2011

A Life-Changing Book Everyone Should Read

I organize my books according to spine colour.
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I love curling up with a good book and my cat Pip. Normally I don’t review books here, but there’s one in particular I’d really like to share with you. This is why:

Over the past two years I’ve been helping a very special and deeply spiritual American client with her surgical transformation. A widow in her late forties, she first came to see me after spending the previous several years caring for and mourning her terminally ill husband. After all the heartbreak she had endured, she was finally ready to start a new life. Under my guidance, she went from a sad-faced, prematurely aged woman to a much younger-looking and stunningly beautiful version of herself.

Her results are so perfect and natural that no one would ever guess she had anything done. Consequently she appears to be a carefree young woman who was lucky enough to be born beautiful, and so would have reaped the lifelong benefits and power that beauty bestows. But since that obviously wasn't the case, it was like giving a student driver the keys to a brand new Ferrari. She had a little trouble handling it at first.

With the very first changes, people began to notice her. Some would stare at her in admiration while sometimes strangers would be nasty to her out of jealousy or resentment. She had previously been a fairly anonymous woman; said she felt “invisible.” The attention she started to attract, both positive and negative, was unsettling. She asked me how I had dealt with that particular dynamic.

I explained that spiteful and negative people have always been around her. They are around us all.  So are positive, supportive people. Now both were making themselves known to her, which she should see as a tremendous advantage.

I’m a very positive person and always saw myself as young, beautiful, slim, healthy, happy and successful – even when I really was not at all. But you become what you think about most. Your body hears every single one of your thoughts and acts on them. Positive thinking is what got me where I am today. Without my lifelong habit of seeing problems as opportunities and believing in myself regardless of negative input from others, I would never have even left the farm, much less had any surgery.

Therefore my client only needed to adjust her inner thoughts about her self-image to match what we had adjusted on the outside.

By the time her surgical transformation was complete, she had experienced many of the same things I had. She began to attract men young enough to be her son. Girlfriends her own age were mistaken for her mother. People were nicer to her and smiled at her more. Her real friends were totally supportive and haters who never noticed her before came out of the woodwork. (Haters are often harmless attention-seeking types who want everyone to look at them instead of you. If you ignore them they'll seek attention elsewhere.)

When my client leaned how to harness the incredible power of positive self-talk, it was the icing on the cake. It gave her an inner glow, and added radiance to her beautiful new face. Because positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative, she is now attracting the most wonderful people into her life. 

Positive self-talk is something I’ve always done naturally, but a book that was first published over 20 years ago explains it better than I ever could. It also helped me find lots of new ways to remain positive, especially useful these days when there is so much negativity coming at us from all directions. This book is often and deservedly called “life changing.” I recommend it to everyone, and so does my client. Get it, read it, and thank me later!

The book is: What To Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter. 

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