Friday, 30 September 2011

Cindy Jackson HD Mirror: Presentation in Austria October 15th

My revolutionary new HD Mirror is proving to be the latest must-have beauty accessory all around the world, especially with the fast, low-cost international shipping from Up to now it has been most popular in the USA and Australia, so we'll see more perfect grooming and flawless makeup in those countries! You can order yours by clicking here: CINDY JACKSON HD MIRROR ORDER PAGE

Next stop Austria: I will present my HD Mirror at the Südpark Mall (Kärnten) on October 15th, where I'll also be signing copies of  the just-published 2012 Guinness World Record book beside my entry on page 81. Below is the poster with full details. 

My amazing new HD mirror is the perfect gift - for yourself or someone else!


  1. I just want to say that when I read in another article that you had over 50 surgeries, I had to google you. I thought what I would see is a total freak but I was so wrong. You look gorgeous. I am truly amazed that you had so many surgeries and don't look like you went too far. You should give your plastic surgeons lots of kisses (if you haven't already) I'm not much into plastic surgery but if I had anything done I would totally go to your surgeons. I'm going to order your book just to know who they are. Good Job. But just a word of advice from one female to another be careful. Please don't go too far because you look awesome now.

  2. After 50+ surgeries I'm sure Cindy knows what she's doing; if anything the greatest risk for a bad result would've been in the beginning both when she was starting out and when the field wasn't where it is now in terms of technology and knowledge. Maintenance at this point sounds like it will be easy compared to what she had to do to change her look/bone structure! She looks better by the decade

  3. Thank you! However I have not had 50 SURGERIES, as the media keep repeating. I had 14 operations that incorporated several procedures each, plus dozens of in-office treatments. My Guinness World Record is for "Most Cosmetic Surgery Procedures." I can't imagine anyone having (or needing) 50 cosmetic surgery operations - you would look like a patchwork quilt! In fact with what I've learned over the past 25 years since I first started having surgery, if I had it to do again, I could achieve the same results with far fewer operations. (And I intend to continue defying the ageing process for the next 25 years as well!)