Friday, 28 October 2011

October in Austria

I visited Austria twice this month, the country that is home to world-famous brands such as Swarovski crystal, Silhouette sunglasses, Wolford hosiery and Red Bull.  Austrians know quality when they see it, so my products are extremely popular there. As usual, my own HD Mirror proved indispensable for doing makeup on the road in every conceivable situation, even up a mountain before meeting the press! Here are some photos from my travels. 
News article about my HD Mirrors. The headline says," Mirror, Mirror on the Wall."
I always take time to stop and smell the roses - and play with the animals!
This is a little Austrian kitten named Sina who lives in Ligist.
Getting a personal lederhosen slapping lesson from Ausrian superstar 
Andreas Gabalier, who put on a fantastic show at the K√§rnten-Fest in Klagenfurt.
I was given a private preview tour of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum 
at his childhood home in Thal before attending the official opening
 by Arnie himself the following day. (He looks much smaller in person!)


  1. Cindy you looks fabulous as always. When will be the next time that you are in Austria? Greetings Daniella

  2. Thanks Daniella. Definitely in January for the Schladming Nightrace and no doubt also before although I don't have any exact dates right now. I will keep you informed.

  3. You look fabulous! I recently purchased your book in order to learn about your beauty secrets. I didn't find any information about DERMAROLLER/NEEDLING and I am wondering what you think about this treatment? Your feedback would be appreciated!

  4. Thank you Erika, and thanks for bringing that to my attention. I will include this in the next edition. Dermarollers, or needling, have only been in wider use fairly recently. Do they work? In a word yes, and in some cases are the best solution for improving scarring, particularly with darker complexions. I have personally seen some amazing results with the Dermaroller. As with all procedures, choosing the right practitioner is crucial. (You can buy needling rollers online for home use but those do not go as deep as the ones made for clinical use with topical anaesthetic, and therefore do not produce the same results.) If you decide to have the treatment, please let me know how it goes!

  5. @Cindy: I actually already had 3 dermarolling treatments to improve my wrinkles around the eyes and a scar (last one was 5 months ago). The results: The scar is almost gone and the small winkles are completely gone!
    You should try it!

    I love Dermarolling since there is no risk of skin thinning (compared to Lasers or Peelings) - especially around the eyes.

    But I have learnd (in a paper about cell reproduction etc) that the skin is only able to recover a limited amount of times. If you reach that limit/level, your skin won't be able to heal properly anymore and will look much older than before. Thus I am scared to use Renova, Dermaroller, Peelings and Lasers....

    I would love to proceed and remove some more wrinkles and I am SURE that they will be gone after 2 treatments - but what if the "skin recovery' issue is true ...

    Have you ever heard about it? You are a smart lady, I am sure you know more about this topic. Have you ever considered it to be true? Are you very careful with resurfacing procedures? How often are you rejuvenating (with peelings or vitamin A etc) your skin?

    But I believe that the Dermarolling is a very interesting device for small scars and wrinkles. You really should add it to your book!