Saturday, 19 November 2011

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery, Part 2

Part 2. The Trend for Undetectable, Natural-Looking Results 

Since I started having cosmetic surgery back in the eighties, I've been privy to the results of countless other patients, which have encompassed the full spectrum from "disastrous" on one end, "acceptable" in the middle and "beautifully natural" on the other end.

I'm no fan of overly Botoxed faces, "wind tunnel" facelifts, over-inflated lips or huge breast implants. They're just not attractive by definition, and we acknowledge this on a deeply primal level. Anthropological studies reveal that we all have an innate mental template of what a human being "should" look like, which we automatically hold up and compare to every single person we encounter and assess their appearance in a nanosecond. It's a survival mechanism that tells us whether they could be a potential mate, someone we would like to befriend or if they might pose a physical threat. This is only part of the barrage of information our brain processes the moment we behold another of our species. The obvious "surgically enhanced" look is not attractive to others because it doesn't fit our primal template; it just doesn't look "right."

These days I'm pleased to say I'm seeing more lovely, natural looking results on clients who come to me for Private Consultations. They've had surgery, some of them extensively, but you would never guess. They tell me I've been their role model for years and they choose their surgeons and procedures using the unique criteria in my Cosmetic Surgery Secrets book, and regard my results as their "Gold Standard." (Always very nice to hear!) In return, sharing their incredibly varied in-depth experiences helps me maintain my unparalleled insight into the world of cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing. It really is a two way street that has been evolving over the past 25 years; I started talking to other patients and exchanging information in surgeons' waiting rooms way back in 1987.

So why would those who've had such great surgery still come to see me at this point? That's what I wondered when this trend first began. Consistent with their desire for natural looking results, they seek my advice about when to have what done next because they're afraid of "going too far." We spend time discussing their long term goals; you have to pace yourself and consider how the procedure you have done today will impact your looks in 5, 10, 20 (and so on) years' time. I'm in it for the "long haul" so this type of forward planning is something I've always done and would urge others to bear in mind when contemplating cosmetic procedures. 

Below is a lady who appeals to many a primal template! I'm often asked about what I think she has or has not had done, so let's look at the differences in the two photos. With the passing of time, normally the nose gets larger, and the upper lip gets thinner, where the opposite is evident here. (Note that her lower lip has thinned over the years, as would be expected.) Her chin also appears to be much more square and prominent. The cheekbones look fuller and more defined, yet with ageing, cheeks lose volume instead of gaining it. So whatever she has or has not had done, clearly it's all working for her! These are the kinds of results I'm seeing more of that were a rarity 25 years ago. 
Young Angelina Jolie
Angelina now

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