Sunday, 27 May 2012

My (First) Twenty-Five Years of Cosmetic Surgery Part 6 - Long Distance Consultations

Sorry for not posting recently. I dedicated the past several weeks to PIP implant victims who got in touch with me. It continues to be a very tough time for all involved. Women paid thousands of pounds and had surgery in good faith but were badly let down by a system that declared the cut-price implants safe and allowed them to be used in the UK (even by the NHS after cancer reconstruction) and all around the world.

Many PIP patients also complained about other types of unsatisfactory cosmetic surgery they received. I was asked again and again how I consistently manage to get the best results with no complications, while so many others do not.

The answer is that I always go to the best specialist for each procedure at any given time. In a field that’s constantly evolving, the practitioner who was the best last year may not be best this year. The best procedure this year may not have even existed last year.  Some patients go to the same surgeon year in and year out and have single every thing done by him, yet no one doctor can be the best at, or even perform, all the available procedures. My loyalty is to my results, and that’s another vital key.

It’s fairly easy for me to find out who and what are currently the best not only in the UK, but anywhere in the world. I have 25 years of ongoing insider knowledge and review details of patient case histories on a daily basis. In addition, I attend the conferences, meet the doctors and see their results firsthand year in and year out. (Not forgetting that i also have the procedures myself!) No one else in the world is privy to such a wide spectrum of information because no one else in the world does what I do.
At a recent international trade conference & exhibition in London.
NOT a real fur coat! It's fake, by Austrian designer Airfield.
These days when I ask dissatisfied patients how they chose their surgeons, the top answers are: 1) Google.  2) Online forums.  3) The consultation was free.  (I wonder what I would look like right now if I had based my choice of practitioners or procedures on ANY of those?) When I ask why they contacted me after going ahead with surgery, there was only one answer: they expected results as good as mine, didn’t get them, and want to know how I do it.

In recent weeks I heard not only from countless frightened and angry PIP implant victims. (Again, none of my private clients or anyone I have ever advised were given PIP implants.) Annoyingly, I also heard from lots of trolls, spammers, imposters posing as patients, tabloid reporters trawling for case histories and so on, which are the kinds of things that inevitably occur when anyone can contact you over the internet. Therefore I am available to anyone who can afford cosmetic procedures and can't afford to get it wrong or pay over the odds. Click HERE for details of my worldwide consultation services.

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