Friday, 15 February 2013

My first 25 Years of Cosmetic Surgery Part 8

I apologise for not blogging recently. In addition to meeting with surgeons, speaking about cosmetic surgery, doing interviews and giving my clients the best service on the planet, a good deal of my time during the past year has been devoted to victims of the ongoing PIP breast implant disaster. Far too many women's lives were devastated after placing trust and considerable amounts of money in the wrong hands. Again, I NEVER recommended (or have been treated by) any of the surgeons who used the now banned, cut-price PIP implants. The savings however were not passed onto the victims, many whom are still struggling to pay for their removal. Every single woman who contacted me paid the going rate, and often way above, for these cheap and dangerous implants. It was a totally unnecessary and avoidable situation. 

Now that the worst of the PIP fallout has passed, I can get back to my work at the forefront of cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing  -  and blogging! My VIP service has proved an unprecedented success and continues to enable my "Very Important Patient" clients to make the correct choices and enjoy truly thrilling results. I've enjoyed seeing clients personally as well doing telephone consultations all over the world, from America to Uruguay. (Recent telephone client in Montevideo, Uruguay, after discussing her surgical requirements: CLIENT: "Can you tell me who the best surgeon in Uruguay is or do I have to travel to Argentina?" ME: I know two top surgeons in Montevideo, you don't need to go to Argentina." As I am reminded on a daily basis, no one else in the world has access to the kind of global insider information that I do.

It's always incredibly rewarding to witness the life-transforming empowerment, new-found confidence and sheer joy that excellent cosmetic surgery brings. Helping others achieve that is what I do best, and have done for over a quarter of a century. Click HERE for Consultations. 

A very happy 2013 to all and may the future see increasingly fewer victims of bad practice who still believe what they see on the internet, on TV or in the media. You will never be told the real or the entire truth by any of those sources, I can assure you. ( And tens of thousands of devastated PIP implant victims will back me up on that.)

Next blog coming soon! 
Love, Cindy 

Here's a link to short interview I did for the Bulgarian news channel during my visit to BULGARIA last summer. I was guest of honour at the "Miss Summer" beauty contest, which was a spectacular evening and lots of fun for everyone involved, despite any perceived political incorrectness about such pageants!жената-с-най-много-пластични-операции-в-света-избира-мис-лято/

Photos from a few of my travels around the world in 2012

SWITZERLAND: Having  fun visiting a pioneering
 clinic! Those are casts of patients behind me. I just
had my own head x-rayed so we could analyse my
  bone structure, hence the white mid-line marking. 
 DENMARK: I spoke every day on stage in Copenhagen at
Scandinavia's first Anti-Ageing Fair. Also did loads of press
 interviews. Cosmetic surgery is still a little controversial there. 
 ITALY. Windblown interview in Rome with RAI television!
AUSTRIA: I discussed tips for successful cosmetic surgery
   on air with Salzburg ORF radio host Thomas Mussger, left.
RUSSIA: In Moscow on  Russia's biggest talk show with
 incredible "Living Doll," Ukranian Valeria Lukyanova.
Yes, she's real but you gotta see her to believe how 
ethereal she is. I hand my Barbie crown to her, she
looks just like a doll. And no facial surgery. Respect! 


  1. You look great Cindy ! Thank you for all the new pictures, its nice reading about youre life. Love Eva.

  2. Funny I was reading about that living doll girl in the paper a few months back & thought the eye make-up effect was clever & wondered if she looked as doll like close up!?? I guess you can confirm she did ;o) xx

  3. Eagerly awaiting your next blog post Cindy!

  4. Thank you! I do not blog as regularly as I would like, as you can either be blogging, tweeting, facebooking, posting on various forums - or else you can be doing your job for REAL clients and living a REAL life. This is my dilemma until I can have myself cloned! I promise to post a new blog soon, so thanks for your patience in the meantime. There are some very exciting developments in the pipeline that I look forward to sharing with everyone.