Friday, 18 October 2013

Update and new after photo

Hello and sorry it's been so long since I posted. My amazing one-of-a-kind career has kept me incredibly busy. A lot of time is dedicated to helping my lovely clients achieve safe, beautifully natural results and plot their longterm anti-ageing programs. Many take advantage of my extended services that include accompanying them to see surgeons, performing in-depth facial analysis between procedures and ongoing pre / post-operative support. 

I continue to meet with the world's top doctors and sometimes even observe them in the operating theatre as they change looks, lives and destinies for the better. There's something new to be learned every day in this ever-evolving medical specialty.
Cindy Jackson observing maxillofacial surgery by top surgeon
Observing maxilloial surgery in Switzerland   
My work has taken me literally all the way around the world. Among my recent trips abroad, I was invited to Lithuania to speak about cosmetic surgery and anti-ageing on their most popular national TV show, KK Penktadiensis.
Plastic surgery expert Cindy Jackson on Lithuanian TV
Screen capture of my TV interview in Lithuania 
It's also been awhile since I updated my "after" photo, and here it is. I've managed to knock more years off my previous "after" photo with the help of a few minor procedures, a mainly raw organic vegan diet. and continuing to use Instant Results Microdermabrasion three times a week for a super-smooth, polished complexion. I recently saw a client who first consulted with me 19 years ago and she said I look better and much younger than I did back then. That made my day, week AND month! 

But it's not all work. The pic below is from David Soul's 70th birthday party in August at the Boogaloo in north London with Paul Michael Glaser. David lives in London and, like me, is now a British citizen. Paul Michael Glaser is on a UK tour of Fiddler on the Roof playing the lead role of Tevye. They are really great guys and have stayed good friends since the days when they were better known as Starsky and Hutch.

Cindy Jackson with "Starsky and Hutch" at David Soul's 70th birthday
It's Starsky and Hutch!
LATEST NEWS: My global advisory service has recently expanded to include FaceTime consultations for Mac users, joining the existing options of telephone, email, Skype and of course the original ever-popular consultation with me in person. Click HERE for details.

I wish everyone a beautiful day! 
Love, Cindy 


  1. Alice11 October 2013 18:54
    Thank you, Cindy - wish you a wonderful day too! :)

    Can you perhaps write more about your 90 % raw vegan diet in the future if you have time and want to do it, maybe? I'm very interested in that.

    People like Annette Larkins, Mimi Kirk, Ani Phyo and Markus Rothkranz are all rawfood veganists and I think they look pretty good for their age (and claim that they had no plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures), although other scientists and nutrionists claim that such a 100 % raw vegan diet could be also dangerous and harmful, probably. Kristen Suzanne for example takes a lot of supplements with it, like futurist Ray Kurzweil (who wants to live forever). I think you look absolutly amazing! It just gets better with every year! c:

    All the best,


    1. Thank you Alice! There's a lot of information online about raw vegan diets and it's easy to adapt your own version of it like a lot of people do. I've been thinking about doing some simple recipes on my YouTube channel to demonstrate how quick and easy it is compared to cooking. Cosmetic surgery is great for the "surface," but diet and lifestyle are crucial to health and longevity! Have a great day. Love, Cindy

  2. Your friend was right, Cindy. You really DO look younger than your 1979 picture! I plan to have some face-time with you really soon. I just attended my 20th class reunion and people said I looked exactly the same except for my hair. I think my chubby face was what saved me - even though I've never been fat.

    I look forward to our meeting!

    1. Hello jrhall22. Yes, class reunions can be eye-openers! Congratulations on looking exactly the same, I'll bet not many others did. Facial fat dissipates with age, so it's beneficial to have extra to start out with, while the rest of us have to pay for it to be transferred from our waistlines to our faces! I look forward to meeting you on FaceTime. Enjoy your weekend. Love, Cindy

  3. Hello my name is Mario nice to meet you too.Plastic surgery in fact makes women Immortals, yes I'm a fan of plastic surgery in women and I thinink you are lovely, never realized is if you have chest implants and if in your body is also young because they never see any photo of the body, keep it up and be happy

    1. Thanks Mario. If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog page, there is a slideshow with more pictures. Yes I do have breast implants and my body is also young! Matching the body to the face is important! Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Cindy

  4. Cindy-- I love see any photos of you in your blog because they are so gorgeous and inspiring. This most recent after picture is stunning! Your skin looks so youthful.

    I'm happy to see you exploring veganism. Not only is it compassionate, but good for the planet, too. You always were a forward thinker!

    Also it's good for your health because a vegan diet improves your immune system (blood) so that it kills cancer cells 8 times better than a standard diet. This research is discussed in the "Ex Vivo Cancer Proliferation Bioassay" video on the Nutrition Facts website.

    Here is more information.

    I love it when you update your blog!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful life.

  5. Thank you Corin, and thanks for that link. I've been veggie in various "forms" for most of my life, but keep deleting more things from my diet as I get older. All dairy products, eggs, soy and lots of other items have been dropped over the years. Therefore my current predominately raw vegan diet has been a gradual and instinctive process. I feel better and look better, and like with the very best cosmetic surgery, the results speak for themselves. (I say "predominately" raw vegan because it can be problematic when travelling. I love food and enjoy trying different cuisines, but but normally by the time get home from a trip I'll be feeling the effects and can't wait to get out the Vitamix and start detoxing with raw smoothies!) Thanks again for your kind comments and have a great weekend. Love, Cindy

    1. Cindy, thank you for your reply. Yes, I know you have been veggie for a long time. I have read your autobiography "Living Doll," so I know how compassionate you are regarding animals. Also how strong you have been throughout your life despite obstacles.

      I eat mostly vegan myself, but not yet that much raw. You are still leading the way!

      Love, Corin

  6. I love my vitamix so much... high upfront cost but I use it everyday and it will last for decades.